Grape Friday Fun: Share your purple toys.

Grape Friday, Purple Lovers!

It’s Friday here at For the Love of and time again for Grape Friday FUN!

This week I was thinking we could all share our favorite purple toy we had as a child.  Or your favorite purple toy that your son or daughter had.  OR…if you don’t have one of either of those, share your favorite contemporary purple child’s toy.

When I was a toddler, I had one of those plastic ring toss toys. The top ring (smallest one) was purple. My mom said that was my favorite toy.  Growing up there weren’t many purple toys as companies didn’t see fit to make them in purple so I did play a lot with the Goofy Grape plastic Kool Aid cup.

Years later, my dd had some Barbie dolls that had pretty purple dresses and those tiny dolls that smelled of roses or violet.  I loved her violet one.

What was your favorite purple toy?  Tell us about your fond memories with purple toys.  And have a GRAPE day!