Wear Purple OR ELSE!

I love purple as much as the next guy.  Well, I probably love purple even more than the next three guys, but I digress…  I just don’t believe the wearing of purple should be mandated.  Take a look at this article I found last week!

Baltimore elementary school to kids: Wear purple or sit in the library!

In advance of a pep rally for the Roland Park Elementary School, teachers told students they had to either wear purple or a Baltimore Ravens t-shirt in order to attend.  Those not wearing the proper attire would be sent to the library.

Here is the text of an email sent by one teacher:

Students must wear purple or Ravens attire to attend, as there will be many TV cameras there,” one teacher wrote to parents in an email obtained by The Baltimore Sun. “Not wearing purple or Ravens attire means making a choice not to attend.”

I’m all for furthering the cause of purple wearing, but I’d like to think those taking their purple to a new level are doing so because they WANT to, not because someone forced them to.

After an outcry from a parent and Steelers fan, the school did change its policy and allowed students to attend regardless of their color choice.  What say you?

Have a GRAPE Day!