Guest Purple Product Review

Converse.  Just the word conjures up visions of Michael Jordan flying up to the basket and dunking the ball with a magnificent flourish!  For anyone on the planet who may not be familiar with Converse shoes, they are THE basketball shoe/sneaker.  You’ve seen them.  Those sneaks with the big white toe cap.  They come in lows and high tops, in lots of colors and prints.  No longer are they just the black and white so easily recognizable in the school yards of my youth.

They are also the only shoes my daughter will wear. . . and I mean ONLY.  Every year, we purchase (or she does) at least two pair of Converse in her colors of choice.  This year, while perusing the new colors, I saw some purple ones.  It planted a seed in my head.  It also started me arguing with myself.  “You’re almost a senior citizen.  You’re gonna wear CONVERSE?”  “Well. . . yeah.  Why not?”  “Because you’re an old lady, that’s why!!!”  So around and around the aisles I went, but each time I walked into that store, those purple Converse sneaks drew me to them like a bee to a flower. . . purple flower, of course!  You know the end of the story.  I caved.  They came home with me one day.  Well, hey, they only had one pair in my size and I couldn’t leave them in case someone who wouldn’t properly appreciate the grapeness of these sneaks bought them, now could I?

I usually like my sneaks. . . or “athletic shoes” as they are now called. . . with more of a bottom on them.  Still, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried them on.  They fit my hot, swollen Joisey feet in August!  Their canvas tops are widely adjustable with the really long laces, which are of a very nice quality.  I gave them a test stroll one day.  Not too shabby!  They were a little flatter than I like, but very comfortable.  A Dr. Scholl’s insert took care of that.

Then I gave them the ultimate test.  I wore them in front of my crafting club, composed mostly of my teenage and early 20ish students.  Nothing happened at first.  Then, out of nowhere,  I heard a shriek of. . . “OMGosh!  Mrs. Ives is wearing Converse!”  I propped my leg up on a table (no mean feat at my age!) to show them.  They appropriately ooh’d and ahh’d.  They will be a huge hit when school starts in September!

Just the facts, ma’am:  They cost me $34.99 at Target and I feel  they are well worth it.  My feet don’t like too many shoes.  They like these.  They seem to fit very true to size.  They are comfortable, adjustable, have a great star cutout on them and they are purple!  What more could I ask for?   I am more than happy with my purchase and they will be worn proudly and often.

Did I mention they’re purple?

Carla Ives (


Don’t they look grape against my silver briefcase?















Thanks, Carla, for a grape review and picture!  They look so comfy! Have a GRAPE day everyone!