Have you seen the new $5 Bill?

It’s got purple!  I guess I’m “Old Money” ROFL ‘cuz I’ve not seen the $5 bill since it had it’s makeover in 2008.  However, I came across this article that talks about the security enhancements to keep it from being counterfeited.

Have you seen it?  What say all you purple lovers out there? The reason I ask is because I also saw a blog post that talked about how awful it is.  They said the color made our money look like it was designed by a group of teenage girls and the font of the purple five made American money look like play money you get at Toys R Us.

What do you think?  Is it grape because it’s purple or do you think it makes our money look childish and silly?

I must admit that the font of the new purple five looks a bit simplistic.  The other fives’ font appears much more sophisticated.  But I do think all our money is beginning to look a bit less sophisticated with all the security enhancements they’ve had to make.  Most of it is somewhat colorful now to avoid the simplicity of duplicating the ink used.

What do you all think?  Is American money starting to look like Monopoly money or is it just grape with you?

Have a GRAPE Day!