Which celebrities like purple?

How many celebrities like the color purple?  Do you know?  I have a few hints for you and then I’d like you to post a comment with your guesses along with any other names of famous celebs who love the color purple.  (Not the movie, but the color!)

I’ve posted before about Captain Purple.  What famous actor/singer played Captain Purple?  Hint: he wore purple socks and had a variety show!  Also there is another actor I know of who claims purple as his favorite color.  In fact, he asked the producer of the movie he was in if one of his props in the movie could be purple.  Hint, the movie was a mega hit in the 70s and went on to have several sequels.

I’ll give you til tomorrow to guess.  In the meanwhile, can you name any other celebrities who claim purple as his/her favorite color.

Have a GRAPE Day!