How many purple things do you use before noon?

This week’s Question of the Week asks how many purple items do you use during your day before noon?  Here’s my Purple Day:

Wake up in purple PJs on my purple sheets, throw off my purple bedspread.  I take a sip of water on my nightstand which is in my purple water bottle.  Go into my purple bathroom where I wash my face with purple  soap and purple towels.  I brush my teeth with my purple toothbrush which is stored in my purple toothbrush holder.  I remove the excess purple nail polish with purple nail polish remover and use my purple facial scrub.   I take a shower with purple body shampoo and purple shower puff, wash my hair with purple shampoo and purple conditioner.  I put on my purple shirt and purple earrings along with my other clothes and finish by putting on my makeup which includes purple eye shaddow and purple lip gloss.

Dressed for the day, I head into my office to check my purple notebook for my To Do List, check off things with my purple pen which is stored in my purple pencil holder with the purple wooden flowers. I check email on my computer with the purple desktop, read my purple prayer book and post on my two purple blogs.
Heading downstairs, I eat breakfast on my purple dishes and drink from my purple glass. I wash the dishes with my purple rubber gloves on.  Finally I wash my clothes (gotta get them done before noon or the electric company charges us 11x as much) with my purple laundry soap and purple fabric softener.

I think that’s 33!

How many do you use?  Post your purple morning here and have a GRAPE day!