Purple Product Review-Grape Vitaminschtick

The weekend I went to San Diego to spend the day with my sister in purple bliss at Seaport Village, my dh and son went to the Air Show.  They came back with some fun things including this purple chapstick for me!  It’s called Vitaminschtick and it’s made by Glace’au, the folks who make Vitaminwater.  And, yes, it smells like…GRAPE!

It doesn’t taste like grape, though the side of the tube says…

“Warning: this great smelling lip balm only looks like a bottle of nutrient enhanced Vitaminwater.  By no means should you drink the lip balm…instead grab a bottle of Vitaminwater and begin operating heavy machinery.”

I have to tell you that it smells INCREDIBLY like grape.  I mean it rivals the wonderful smell of my candle I reviewed the other week!  YUM!!   It also works very well.  It’s a bit more difficult to apply than Chapstick, but it seems to last longer and protect much better than Chapstick does!

They come in many great scents which are similar to the flavors of their Vitaminwater!   They don’t appear to have a website with much info on it.  Instead they have a few Facebook pages: one for their water and one for the lip balm.

These are fun, deliciously smelling and a really good product!

Have a GRAPE Day!