Inexpensively Purple-ize Your Wardrobe

One of my readers posted a comment the other day that I thought deserved an entire blog post.  She said she would try to dye one of her articles of clothing because it’s cheaper than buying something purple in the store.  EXACTLY!  She’s got the purple purpose of my idea behind The Purple Project and the reason I wanted to write, Purple-izing for Pennies!

We have so many things in our wardrobe that we don’t wear because they don’t fit, aren’t in style, have a stain or just plain aren’t PURPLE enough!!  Instead of spending money at department stores to replace that item, why not change it?  And while you’re at it, make it PURPLE!  In the course of this blog, I have shared some fabulously fun, easy and inexpensive ways to do just that.  I thought I’d share some insight into Peg’s comment with a little recap.

Some have asked me to name a few ways in which we can purple-ize our wardrobe inexpensively.  Here are a few really simple ways.

1. Dying is a GRAPE way to purple-ize something in your wardrobe.  A bottle of RIT Dye is just a few dollars!  You can make up a batch of dye and put in several items at once.  You can not only dye something all purple, but you can dip the bottom or top of it in.  You can also tie dye or you can double dip.  Dye something light purple (leave it in the dye a very short time) then dip the bottom of it much longer to create a darkening effect.

2. Adding flowers, faux jewels, applique or ribbon is another purple-icious way to add some color to your wardrobe!  Joann’s or Michael’s has bags of them for just a few dollars.  Add a little or a lottle!  Either way, it’s all GRAPE to me!

3. Another mauvelous way to add purple to your wardrobe is with Puff Paints.  Puff Paints are only a few dollars too.  Create your own designs with hearts, swirls, dots or dashes.  Accent a shirt, jeans or even your blanket!

I’ll have MANY more tips on purple crafts for you in my new book, Purple-izing for Pennies so stay tuned to For the Love of for more details coming to a computer screen near YOU!

And, have a GRAPE Day!