Jeans Skirt: Take 2

Ok, so two weeks ago I started a jeans make over with intent to turn it into a jean skirt. I found a slight, but hilarious, problem.   As I couldn’t find any fabric I liked to cover up my air conditioned behind, I put off the project for another week, working instead on a few overalls.

This week I’m back with part two of Jeans Skirt or shall I say, “Take Two.”  As you remember the legs of the jeans were a bit too narrow to sew together to make a flowing skirt.

I had a tough time finding fabric I liked because the jeans had a raised beige on beige design.  All the fabric I found had patterns which clashed terribly or were too thick.  The other day I was just sitting here minding my own business when a thought struck me.  I could combine two, two, two Purple Projects in one!

Remember a while back I purple-ized a pillow case?  Well, it was just the perfect fabric and size to add to my new flowing jeans skirt!  Then I added some dark purple bows and you have yourself a flowing jeans and pillow case skirt!

In the, You Ain’t Gonna Believe This One file, I uploaded the pictures I took of this two week long sewing debacle, but I couldn’t, for the life of me, find the file on my computer!   It HAS to be there, but I still can’t find it.  I lost several other purple pictures, but I was able to take more pictures of this project so I could post them for you.

I love it when a plan comes together!  Ok it was about three or four plans, but hey, it came together! Ok…the sewing was waaaay too much work and I don’t recommend doing this unless you are a seamstress on a mission!  But, what do you think?   Someone tell me this was worth it.  I’m not even sure I can wear this skirt. I live in ARIDzona and it’s just too HOT!

Have a GRAPE Day!