Is there such a thing as too much purple?

I’ve loved purple my entire life, but since I wasn’t able to find many things in purple, I admit to having gone a bit GRAPE Crazy in the last several years.  I only wear purple, won’t buy much of anything unless it is.  It’s become a bit of an obsession.

Is there such a thing as too much purple?  In the coming week’s I’m going to explore that in a series of articles here on the blog.  I’m going to discuss when a passion gets in the way of life, when it becomes  a problem for family and friends and how an obsession can hinder our relationship with God.  I hope you’ll join me for this introspective reflection and may we be grapeful for all we find.

Today I’d like to discuss what happens when a love of purple (or anything for that matter) can be too much for your family.

My dh married me for purple or for worse so he knew what he was getting into when he said, “I do.”  After all, our bridesmaids dresses were lavender and the flowers and cake had purple touches.  He likes some purples so he doesn’t mind that our couch is grey and plum and that our bedroom has purple sheets and comforters.  He even wears purple ties and shirts because he knows I like him in purple.  He’s okay with the purple bathroom and the kitchen and he was even okay if we happened to find a car that came in a darker plum color–for me of course!

But I know that, as much as he loves me, he wouldn’t appreciate me painting the walls purple or the outside of the house a lavender.  He draws the line at purple highlights in my hair and he does get rather annoyed if I refuse to buy something we need just because I can’t find it in purple.

How does your purple passion too much for your family?


Have a GRAPE Day!