Is your purple rubbing off on others?

So a few weeks ago I was out shopping with my mom.  She wanted to buy my dad some more tshirts, but he likes the ones with pockets.  They’re harder to find.  At the store that day, there were not only several colors to choose from, but they had, of all things, PURPLE!  I told my mom to get one for him.  Mom said he didn’t really like purple but she’d buy one.  It’s a dark purple too.  Very nice color.

About a week later, my dad comes over to my house wearing the purple tshirt.  Immediately I noticed because, well, I notice ALL PURPLE THINGS!  Dad tells me he and mom had a bet as to how long it would take me to notice. Mom said about three seconds.  Dad lost! lol

Mom and Dad live only a few minutes away from us and I’ve noticed that most of the time he comes to my house or knows I’m coming over to his, he wears his purple tshirt in my honor!  How sweet, right?

Most of my friends now think of me whenever they see anything purple.  I’ve trained my dh and my children to look for it everywhere they go.  How about you?  Is your purple passion rubbing off on any of your family and friends?

Post your comments and share!  And don’t forget to have a GRAPE day!