Purple Stuff: Soda Phenomenon?

I was tooling around on YouTube a while back and found these videos for what I thought was a make believe purple soda.  The videos were supposed to be funny, but I found most of them had foul language and “plots” that put people in danger which I didn’t find funny.   The only thing that intrigued me was the fact that they made tons of these little “commercials” for Purple Stuff soda which was supposed to give you energy or something.  They had different situations and characters including a purple super hero.

So this past weekend, I found a link on my Purple Google Alert daily with a link to an article with a survey for folks showing that most people prefer Purple Stuff to other of these energy/calming sodas.  Well, I had no idea this was for real!  So I began clicking the links.  I never saw Purple Stuff in the stores either in California or in Arizona.  I never heard anyone talk about this product before, but here is the website for Purple Stuff.

According to this article, research shows that “New Generation has Spoken…We Want the Purple Stuff”  The article shows that they have a whole viral marketing campaign going on through YouTube, a HUGE Facebook Fan Club and a following on Twitter!  The drink is supposed to relax your body and focus your mind and comes in three flavors: traditional grape, lemon lime and berry.
I have no idea if Purple Stuff has any side effects or how it tastes because I’ve never seen it.  Anyone know about this?  Has anyone tried it?  Please leave your comments here and Have a GRAPE Day!