Keva Juice: 1st Purple Thumbs Up Award

Thumbs UpTn1I’m going to start a new tradition here at For the Love of  It’s called the Purple Thumbs Up Award and it’ll go to the business, sports team, person, etc, who get’s my Purple Stamp of Approval.

The first ever Purple Thumbs Up Award goes to Keva Juice!  Their company color is a deep purple. You can see that on their sign pictured here as well as on their dark purple straws and the purple writing on the cups they serve their delish juice drinks in!

They do have berry flavored drinks, but I have yet to find one that is truly purple in color.  However, due to the fact that their entire decor centers around the deep dark purple, I give Keva Juice the Purple Thumbs Up!!

Keva Juice

I’m taking nominations for the Purple Thumbs Up Award as I’ll be giving these out periodically.  Leave your nomination here as a blog comment.  Tell me what company, sports team or person should win this award and very briefly tell me why.

Also I am going to be designing a logo for this award and I’d love your input.  It should be a purple cartoon thumb but how should it be designed?  Please share your thoughts here.  I’d grapely appreciate it!

Have GRAPE day!