My Purple Book Title Contest

My purple house and dino egg 032A long time ago, in a purple galaxy far, far away, I began writing a grape eBook sharing all my secrets for redesigning things inexpensively  in order to make them purple.  Due to some other deadlines, I had to abandon this project long ago.  However, I’d like to pick it back up again and see it through to completion.

It will cover things like:

1. Tie Dying, applique, sewing, puff paints and other ways to purple-ize clothingFlower shirt 002

2. Inexpensive ways to add purple touches to the rooms of your house

3. Creative and fun crafts for kids

4. Purple recipes

5. Ways to make ordinary food purple using food coloring, fruit, etc.

and much more!  It won’t just be perfect for those of us who seek to purple-ize our lives, but also for those wishing to re-purpose items instead of wasting them or having to purchase new.


Purple-izing for Pennies Cover

My original idea was to call it Purple-izing for Pennies, but I don’t think that will work well because I want to write it not just for purple lovers but for all who want to repurpose things in order to save money.  So…what would you call such an eBook?  I’d really love to hear your ideas.

If I actually use your title, I will give you a free copy of the eBook as a thank you!

Thank you and…

Have a GRAPE Day!