My Purple Christmas Presents

ARIDzona must have some pretty dry water because it’s hard.  Hard water.  You know.  The kind that, in a year, etches all your clear drinking glasses so they look permanently dirty!  Ewwww Icky!  So for Christmas, I got a set of gorgeous PURPLE glasses.  They are very dark, deep purple and have little air bubbles in them so as to keep the etching more difficult to see through!

I also got a few more glasses, but you’ll never guess where from.  You know how McDonald’s gives away a toy with every Kid’s Meal?  Well, they were giving away a glass with every super size meal.  We were collecting them three at a time each week for about three weeks.  They came in 4 colors and one of them was PURPLE:

I invite you to post  a link to your purple Christmas gifts and share them with all my purple lovin’ readers!  What did YOU get for Purple Christmas?