My purple visit to the Optometrist

About 3 1/2 years ago I got my glasses with bifocals.  I felt old.  However, three months later my bifocal changed and I felt even OLDER! After paying nearly $350 for these glasses, I wasn’t about to spend another dime until my bifocal prescription had stabilized!  So I waited 3 1/2 years!  Years of holding my arm out increasingly further away in order to read.  Having to read my Bible online because I was unable to read anything anymore.

So the other day I realized they probably weren’t getting any worse and I went in to the eye doctor to get my new prescription.  I wanted to use my own glasses because I loved them even though they are not purple.  They have the magnetic sunglasses which makes driving much easier for half blind people so they don’t have to take off the glasses to put on the sunglasses and have a momentary lapse of focus with their traffic accident!

Since I’m blind as a bat without them on, I had to stay in the office/store for the 90 minutes it took for them to make my new lenses.  Couldn’t read.  Couldn’t see much of anything, BUT…

I noticed little flashes of purple everywhere!  Yes, they now make PURPLE eye glasses!  And yes!  I did have my camera with me and took pictures.  I just hope you can see them as I took them BLIND!

I also spotted a lavender eyeglass case I just HAD to buy!  Especially since it was only $2!

So now the only thing left in my purse that isn’t purple, is my checkbook.  I’ll have to take care of that right away!  LOL
Have a GRAPE Day!