Name a purple Dr. Seuss Character

Today is the anniversary of the birth of Dr. Seuss.  Today is also the day that a new Dr. Seuss movie comes out, The Lorax.

I thought we’d celebrate Dr. Seuss with some grape fun this Friday.

Dr. Seuss books have had a long list of characters.  Can you name some that are purple?

If not, can you name a Dr. Seuss book where the cover has purple in it?  I’ve given you one book right here.  This isn’t the cover I had when I was a kid, but apparently there was one that was purple.  Pretty grape, isn’t it?

What other Dr. Seuss characters or book covers were there?  Name off as many as you can.  Post links if you can find them.  Let’s share the grape fun of Dr. Seuss!

Have a GRAPE Day!