Purple at the Craft Fair

First I have to apologize for not having a blog post last week.  My computer’s operating system decided to call it quits and went to that big Microsoft Heaven in the sky.

Valiantly my little purple Netbook tried, but it couldn’t do half of what my PC can so I was unable to be online most of the week.

So this weekend, my mom, aunt and I went to the craft fair.  Just as we were looking for the exit, I found this CD of Celtic Music.  It was being played live at the craft fair.

I just love the peaceful instrumental music and when I saw that not only was the CD cover purple, but the name of it and the CD, itself, was purple too!  So…my incredible Aunt Doreen bought this for me.  Isn’t it wonderful?

So here I sit, listening to Purple Heather as I sip my decaf in my purple mug. Ahhh….

Have a GRAPE Day!