Purple In the News

I search Google for the word “purple” just in case something interesting pops up.  You can’t be too informed on the topic of purple you know!  So Friday brought this news story from The Citizen.com.  It seems the water at a Catholic church in Chicago had turned purple!  Yup!  Purple!  Purple water in the fountains, the toilets and the faucets.  You might say it was a purple lover’s dream.  Now some might think this a supernatural event; a miracle.  However according to the article…

“But, alas, there was a simpler explanation. It seems that the pump that brought the water from an aquifer had malfunctioned, but the device that put purifying chemicals into the water continued to do so. The purple water, I was told, was simply water that was colored by potassium. As soon as the problem was fixed, the water turned clear again.”

Unfortunately there were no pictures taken of this purplistic event for me to post here on For the Love of Purple.com but I’m sure all purple lovers can picture it in their mind’s eye.

This is the second news story I’ve  found where some snafoo turned something purple.  Remember my The Tale of the Purple Turkey story?

Have you got a Purple Tale to tell?  Share it here!  And have a GRAPE day!