Purple Product Review: Cynthia Boyer Designs

It’s time again for another Purple Product Review and I found a grape one for you!  Cynthia Boyer Designs is a purple-icous website where “light and purpose color your canvas!”  Here’s a little bit from her home page:

“Cynthia G. Boyer Designs is a beautifully unique collection of designs created by design artist, Cynthia G. Boyer.  Cynthia’s love for design has given her the opportunity to create elegant pieces of lovely artwork for many of her clients.

Self-taught, Cynthia enjoys the art of creating a wide array of designs which feeds her spiritually nourishing her passion and fueling her fire to create a beautiful portfolio filled with light and purpose.

Below is a sneak peak of my Mother’s Day designs.  Any message or poem of your choice can be placed on the design or, for a very small fee, I will write one for you.”

Her website is a gorgeous shade of purple, deep and royal, where her faith in and love for Jesus is prominently displayed.   Check out her Gallery where you’ll find things like this:

If you want a graphic made, you can check out her packages page where you’ll find her prices very reasonable:

“We offer different prices for our designs at very affordable prices. All designs are suited to fit your needs and may be customized if needed.

Pre-made Designs
All of our pre-made designs are very affordable.  Each print costs only $10.00I

Custom Designs
We can create a custom design for you at a great price.  For pricing, please send an email to cyndislightworkdesigns@gmail.com  A design can be created in any size and includes buttons, banners and more,”

Another grape find this week.  Have a GRAPE Day!