Purple Product Review: Coffee

It is with great sadness that I bring you the terrible news of a grape product gone wrong.  I am grapely distressed to find a purple product that doesn’t live up to it’s grapeness, but such is the case with the Great Value 100% Colombian Ground Coffee.

I actually tried the decaf and was surprised at how good it was for an off brand, but it was in a green can.  When I saw the regular coffee you see before you here depicted in all it’s purpleness, I thought I’d try it.

When I took off the freshness seal, I knew right away it wasn’t as good as the decaf because it didn’t really smell like coffee and the taste is a bit bitter.

I don’t understand how a decaf could taste better than the regular coffee, especially one that is in a purple can!  But it does.

It’s a sad day for purple lovers everywhere.


Have a cup of your favorite purple or non purple coffee and have a GRAPE Day!