Purple Product Review: Gorgeous Amethyst CZ Bracelet

While at my son’s theater class, I happened to run into a woman and we got to talking.  She homeschools too.  She mentioned her business and how it was a ministry also and my ears perked up because I also run a business which is mostly a ministry.  Turns out she has the most amazingly beautiful items in her eStore!  And some of them are …PURPLE!

Janet sent me this absolutely stunning bracelet of Amethyst CZ.  This is not the kind of cheap copy you see at Target fashion jewelery!  This is HEAVY!  It’s incredibly well-made and has the most exquisite filigree on the sides!  This picture doesn’t even do it justice. The color of the cz is a gorgeous deep purple.  It’s simply exquisite.  You HAVE to get one!  What a Christmas gift!

Beauty For Ashes Boutique even has other purple products and very reasonable prices!  Jewelry, wallets, caps, etc.

Their About Us page has a wonderful section which shares:

“Beauty for Ashes Boutique, where shopping supports ministry! We appreciate your business. Beauty for Ashes Boutique is a supporter of global and local outreach. We help those in need through gifts, prayer, and encouragement. Be an encouragement to yourself and shower yourself with something beautiful today!

Also Shipping is $4.95 no matter how many jewelry items you purchase! $4.95 for a Flat Rate Envelope for OPI in the USA and $12.95 WORLDWIDE! Items usually ship within one business day!

Enjoy all her purple things and have a GRAPE day!