Are you planning a purple Christmas?

We’ve been having such fun on the For the Love of Purple Facebook Fan page talking about that purple Walmart Christmas tree they have for sale!  Our family tradition is to pick out a live tree about a week before Christmas, but I’d love to get this purple one and put it in my front yard!

How many of you are going to buy it?  If you do, will you post it when it’s all decorated?  I’d love to see it.

In other Christmas news, my son got a fun gift from his grandma.  It’s called Arizona Snow.  Since it doesn’t snow here in ARIDzona, we never have a white Christmas.  My dh would love one!  He wants to move to Siberia. (Well, not really, but close!)  lol  Arizona Snow is a polymer that puffs up to 100x it’s size when you add water.  It looks and almost feels like snow.

I’d love to get a ton of it, put it all over my front yard, turn the watering system on and watch my neighbors’ faces as they drive by to work!  ROFL    I thought I might put little top hat, scarf and gloves on the cactus (purple of course).  What do you think?

The problem is that Arizona Snow is supposed to last 12 days before you need to water it again.  It goes back to a powder when the water evaporates.  But my son and I have tested it inside the house in a bowl and it only lasts a few hours!  However, the watering system does drip about every few days.  Can you imagine what would be going through my neighbors’ heads?  Gee, it only seems to snow at HER house.  LOLOL

Are you all going to Purple-ize your Christmas?  Will you buy the purple Walmart tree?  Will you turn your desert into a Winter Wonderland?  What unusual purple-icious things will you do for Christmas?

Have a GRAPE Day!