Purple Product Review: Koinonia Business Women’s Association

I found a kindred spirit in Krista Dunk.  She and I have been Facebook friends for a while now.  I knew I’d like her the minute I saw her profile picture.  She’s wearing a purple jacket.

As I got to know her, I came to admire her faith and her mission.  She runs Koinonia Business Women’s Association and, if you’ll notice, it’s also PURPLE!  Here’s a little bit about KB Women from their website.

“KBWomen is a national organization for Christian business women. Everything we do and offer involves these 3 core values:

  • Encouraging and strengthening faith

  • Networking, creating community and collaborative opportunities
  • Building business skills

There are various ways to connect with us, such as joining us as a Member of the Koinonia Business Women’s Association (KBWA), attending a local KBWomen Chapter meeting, subscribing to our free newsletter for business women of faith, listening to a KBWomen Radio show, or reading our blog.

Have you discovered your passion and purpose? Do you need a faith-based community to encourage your business’ success? Are you a business owner, business leader or aspiring entrepreneur that needs business strategies? Do you want to do good and do well at the same time? Welcome home…Together, we can each share our knowledge, experience and wisdom for the mutual benefit of all.

We look forward to meeting you!

 Blessings to you,
Krista Dunk, Co-Founder”

You can also connect with KB Women on Facebook where you will be encouraged, uplifted and supported.  I love KB Women. You’ll find me posting there fairly often.  Members and non members alike can take advantage of the monthly interview and seminars she hosts.  I had the privilege of being on her show just last week.  She’s a fabulous host and provides some wonderful information helpful to Christian business women.

Two enthusiastic purple thumbs up for KB Women and my good friend Krista Dunk!  If you’re a woman of faith and you have a business, check out all she has to offer and tell her JoJo says, “Hi!”

Have a grape day!