Purple Product Review: Purple Listerine

I’ve done these before, but this is my first “OFFICIAL” week of my new REGULAR Purple Product Review segments here on For the Love of Purple.com!  Each Friday, I’ll take a purple product you may not know much about and review it for you.  I’ll give you the good, the bad and the UNpurpley!  I’ll try to bring you products that are “unpurpular”–things that you may not have seen or had a chance to try yet.

Did you know Listerine has a purple product? You do now!

My dh only bought it ‘cuz I like purple.  He says it dries out his mouth.  I don’t think so.  Seems to be just like the other Listerine to me, only PURPLER!

It tastes like mint, not grape or anything, but it seems to work pretty well as a mouth wash.  It says it has six benefits, but I think all the other Listerines do too.  Other than the color, there really isn’t anything more GRAPE about this purple product, but I have to give it a purple thumbs up.  It works just as well for me and is purple too!  Can’t ask for more than that.

Want to know where to get it?  I got it at Walmart.  If you plan to order online, don’t forget to check out our Purple Store page.  We have an affiliate code with Walmart as well as other well-known purple product carrying stores!

Remember the For the Love of Purple motto: (Okay we never had one before, but I’m making it up now!), the more purple products you use in a day, the more you can have a GRAPE day!

Do you sell anything purple?  Would you like to have a Purple Product Review?  If so, email me at jojo@fortheloveofpurple.com for more details!

Have a GRAPE day everyone!