Purple Product Review:Lavender Furniture Polish

As I reported several months ago, I love my Swiffer Wet Jet–mostly because it’s purple, but also because it’s got a lovely clean fresh scent and works very well.

Well, I found this Swiffer Dust and Shine with Fabreze lavender scent so, you know, I just HAD to try it. I try most every purple item that comes down the pike so you can have the benefit of my experience.  I bring you all the grape products, but I also spill the beans on some stinkers!

I am happy to report that Swiffer Dust and Shine with Fabreze lavender scent gets two purple thumbs up!

First, it’s a great dusting spray!  It isn’t too greasy but it does restore the shine and helps hides a multitude of scratches and discolorations.  Like the time my dh put an old spray can of air on our living room coffee table and the rust ring on the bottom of the can burned a perfect circle into the wood.  I tried to get it out, but wound up taking the color off the wood instead.  (And yes, it left the dark circle!)

BUT the most purple-icious thing about this product is the scent!  It smells divine!  In fact, you can still smell the lovely lavender scent DAYS after you dust.  It’s so delish that, every week, I actually use it on all my kitchen and bathroom wood-like finish cabinet doors and drawers…just to add more of a lavender scent to my happy purple home.

I highly recommend this product!  Anyone else tried it?  What do YOU think?  Share and have a GRAPE Day!