Purple Q of the Wk: Do you think in purple?

My dd is a Russian major heading into her senior year.  She was an exchange student in Russia in the fall of last year.  After being fully immersed in the language that semester, she found that she started thinking in Russian.  This is what happens when you become so accustomed to a particular language.

My dh was born in Mexico.  Spanish is his first language, but over the years living here and after becoming an American citizen, he now reports that he mostly thinks in English.

So the other day, my dd was telling me how her friends don’t believe her when she tells them that her mother only wears purple and has been replacing almost all her household and personal items with purple alternatives for years.  They don’t believe ANYONE could be that purple crazy.  Well, it’s true.  I even THINK and DREAM in purple.

Do you?  Share your purple thoughts and dreams with us here.  And have a GRAPE day!