Purple Story-Go-Round

I thought it would be fun to do a Story-Go-Round.  It’s a sort of build a story activity were I start off and anyone can add to the story.  As we go, each purple person’s creativity will take our story and its characters to new places.  Feel free to add characters, places, situations as you wish.  All I ask is that you add a splash of purple to the story and keep it family friendly.  Let’s see how creative we can all be and where it takes us!

“Once upon a violet Magenta Mousetime, in a Lavender Galaxy far far away, there lived a minuscule purple mouse and her six young mouse-lngs.  Magenta Mouse lived in an old abandoned purple paint can on the east side of Grapetown.  It was a modest village rich in culture and mouse manners…”

Come on all you creative writers out there! Come help me finish the story. And have a GRAPE day!

NOTE: Be sure to read any comments ahead of yours to see where the story is going before you leave a comment with your addition to the story!  Can’t wait to see what you all come up with!