The most purple grapes I ever saw!

I know Tuesdays are usually my days to report on my newest purple recipes, but I just had to break with tradition this week to bring you these pictures!  These are actually a recipe for deliciousness so, in a way, it does fit in with my usual theme.

I have seen these gorgeous purple grapes on TV but I never did see them in the store.  I usually buy the green grapes cuz that’s what the family likes.  The other week I decided to try the amber colored grapes, but nobody really liked them.  Then, as I was food shopping last week, I saw the most purple grapes-just like the ones you see on the commercials for wine.  Oh they were big and beautiful looking.  They were also more expensive than the other grapes, but I just had to have some.

I brought them home, washed them, put them in a container and set them in my fridge.  They looked Maaavelous!  So marvelous, in fact, that I just had to take their picture and show them to you!

Grapes of PURPLE 001

By the way, they taste good too!  After posing them for posterity, my son and I began eating them and found they are delish!!!  In fact, I think they taste better than any grape I have ever had.  No large pits and full of juice.  And you just can’t beat that they are PURPLE!

Here’s another picture, cuz you just gotta see these! lol

Grapes of PURPLE 006

Have a really GRAPE day!