Quick and Easy Purple Food

It doesn’t take much to purple-ize your food.  Here are a few quick and easy techniques:

Temp tn11) Food Coloring:

Purple Milk can be made by adding either purple food coloring (which will give you a deeper purple color if you can find it) or by adding the recommended red and blue drops.

You can also make purple milk by adding a strawberry syrup or a scoop of strawberry mix and then adding a drop of blue food coloring.

If you can find purple potatoes, Purple Mashed Potatoes can be made by following the same directions.


A delicious Purple Shake can be yours by adding some blueberries or blackberries to a scoop of vanilla ice cream into the blender.  Or leave it unblended and fold in the blueberries or blackberries!

3) Soda/Grapes 

7Up with frozen purple grapes in it makes for a lovely drink where you don’t need ice!

Make some Grape Water by adding a few grape juice ice cubes you made by pouring grape juice into a grapes ice cube mold.

Have a GRAPE Day!