Grape Year in Review

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATime flies when you’re having purple fun!  I never did get around to doing a purple year in review in December so I’m doing it now.  We learned a lot of things about purple last year and here is a short recap with links to the original stories:

A post back in January of 2012, we learned that Purple Majesty Potatoes “are high in anthocyanin, an antioxidant which is   linked to potential health benefits in treating diabetes, inflammation and   age-related disease.”

We had a grape quiz.  You can still try your hand at this purple knowledge.

We asked, How Purple Are You?  You can still add up your purple points and compare them to my fellow readers.

I reported on a Purple Play Dough Recipe.

I wrote the Emperor’s Purple Clothes.

I had a grape riddle for you.

I shared how a baby squirrel got a purple caste.

I posted two different versions of The Purple Song.

I created a video of the story I wrote called Plumeria, the Princess of Purple.

There was a new species of purple crab discovered.

We discussed the issue of whether there can be such a thing as too much purple.

and I had a review post on all the poor purple products I had reported on.

What was your favorite post in 2012?  What would you like to see in 2013?

Share and have a GRAPE day!