Whispers in Purple

As I shared with you on Wednesday, my friend Peg has a grape blog that she just redesigned with a deeper meaning.  I used to love her blog before the redesign.  It was called Go Ahead and Wear the Purple!  I wrote a purple product review on it a long while back.  However, she has renamed the blog Whispers in Purple where she shares about listening to that still small voice.  The redesign saw a new gorgeous purple template which I adore!

And take a look at the text at the top of her blog template:

Did you know the color purple is mentioned 48 times in the [King James] Bible? Along with blue and crimson (or scarlet), purple has long been a symbol of royalty. Most importantly, purple is one of our Lord’s colors. As a Child of the King, I, and my blog, display this color both proudly and humbly.”

In case you didn’t see the answer to Wednesday’s blog question, “How many times is the color purple mentioned in the Bible?” you just got your answer!

Peg, talks about writing and being an author as well as many subjects near and dear to a Christian’s heart.  One new thing she does is a segment called Peg’s Peeves!  Here are a couple of them but keep watching her blog, she’ll have more!

What more could you ask for in a grape blog?  So go on over to Whispers in Purple and say hi to my friend Peg for me!

Have a GRAPE Day!