State of the Purple Address

Are you PLUMbody?  If so, are you more grape than you were this time last year?  Have you added more purple to your life, wardrobe and your home? Christmas is right around the corner.  Is there something you’re looking for?

Today I’d like to share how my life has been grapely enriched this year.  I have purple-ized…

My wardrobe:

My home:

My person:

And even my diet:

Every time I needed something this year, I looked to the purple and through the magic of purple-ization and the generous donations of my family members, I have achieved significant purple-dom!  This year brought me a new purple purse, wallet, chaptstick, tape measure (Yup you read that correctly!).  A new purple collection of summer shirts, and purple wooden flowers for my desk.  Yet somehow it feels like something is missing!

I am currently in need of a mop and a vacuum cleaner, but I’m having a hard time finding a good one in purple.  I found (I think it’s a Swiffer Wet Jet) that comes in purple but it needs replacement pads and I’d like to get one that has several washable pads like the Libman mop, except that one is GREEN!  But, then again, green does go with PURPLE!

What is YOUR State of the Purple Address?  Share and have a GRAPE Day!