JoJo the Techno Dodo Strikes Again!

Last week while trying to prepare my blogposts for the week, I found that I couldn’t add anymore pictures the normal way. That is to say the way in which I had been doing for the last year.  The way in which I had added pictures to my other WordPress blog for several years.  I managed to find a way to do it–an amazing feat for a Techno Dodo, I might add, no matter how purple she is!

So this afternoon I was trying to find out why it didn’t work and I had a brilliant (or rather not so brilliant) idea.  I decided to see if the Media Library (where the pix are all housed on my WP blog) was full.  I deleted one recent picture and a part of the screen came up that asked if I wanted to “continue” with the deletion. I clicked yes thinking that would delete it off the Media Library.  I seemed to disappear so I checked the post with that picture and it was still showing.  Confident that I hadn’t grapely messed up the post, I continued to delete pictures, one at a time, until I had deleted about 100 of them. Early on I found a link that said “Save all Changes” and began to click that after so many deleted pictures.  I wasn’t really sure why I was doing it and being the Techno Dodo I am, it never occurred to me to check the site again.

For reasons known only to God, I found myself looking at the blog again and noticed that almost all the pictures were now deleted from each post!   I was plum tuckered out from doing it one at a time because I couldn’t figure out a way to delete them in mass.  So now it was an hour later and I had deleted most of the recent pictures from the entire blog. Just GRAPE!

The thought of trying to take inventory of which pictures are gone and putting each one back individually is more than I can take. Needless to say, I’m going to leave things as they are, at least for now.  So I apologize to my readers for what appears to be empty posts in some cases and oddly formatted entries in others, but I just don’t have the techno savvy or the grape patience to fix what I have so painstakingly destroyed.

I would like to ask the more technologically advanced purple lovers for their advice in my ongoing effort to illustrate further entries here at For the Love of  Does WordPress have a finite amount of space for pictures?  If so, is it just best to upload them to a place like Photobucket and add them via URLs?  It takes a grape deal more time to do it this way, but if it results in an unlimited amount of picture space, it might be worth it. I’d love to know also because I am coming up 300 pictures housed by my Art of Eloquence blog and that is only about 60 away from where I was here.  Although that blog says it allows more space for each picture upload than does this one.  Not sure why.

Is there a WordPress Expert in the house?

Have a GRAPE Day!