The UNpurple Project

My dd was visiting over Christmas break and we found a project to work on together.

Unfortunately my dd’s favorite color isn’t purple, but if you use your purple imagination, you can do most any purple thing with this craft idea!

As you can see, my dd got white paint on one of her only jeans we can find that isn’t hip huggers or full of rips for $350 a pair!  So when she volunteered to paint for a charity, she was a little sad to see that she couldn’t wear them anymore.  As a crafter extraordinaire, she came to me for help!

How to hide these paint splatters without it looking silly?  Hmmm…  We decided upon stencils!  If you look closely you will see the clear flame stencil already on the left leg.  These were purchased at Michael’s for just a few dollars.  It comes with a sticky side so you don’t have to worry about it moving while you paint.  We bought gold and glitter red to paint the flames, but as I said, your mileage may vary, and you can use a different stencil and some PURPLE paint!  And please do!

It was fairly easy to do using a small paint brush. We let it dry fully before removing the stencil and reused the stencils in whole or in part all over the pants including adding a little flame on one of the back pockets for extra measure.  Here’s what it looked like finished:

It was perfect!  It covered a multitude of paint sins and looks rather dashing!  Of course it would look much better in purple, but my dd and I quibbled over that and since it was her pair of pants, we went with unpurple.

But the possibilities of this craft are endless!  Not only to cover up paint splatters or bleach oopsies, but to decorate plain jeans and make them purple perfect!

It only cost a few dollars for the stencils and a few more dollars for the fabric paints PLUS we have the stencils forever and a ton more fabric paint to do even more projects…like perhaps a purple project with gold trim?  Hmm…..

Have a GRAPE Day!