What is it? I have a toughie for you this week!

It’s time again for our weekly round of What is It? 

This is the time of the week where I post a picture and you guess what purple item it is.  It could be a bird’s eye view as it was the first week or it could be a picture of only a small part of an item.

Either way, your grape mission, should you decide to accept it, is to answer the question…What is it?

So…what is it?

Post your best guess.

I’ll post the answer later on today or tomorrow.

Have a GRAPE Day!

ANSWER: Wow! Nobody got it this week.  I think that’s the first time!  It’s a round wooden earring.  Good guessing everyone!  We’ll try it again next week.

Alright all you purple Doubting Thomases! LOL  Here’s your proof this is really an earring.  I posted about this a while back. It’s one of the gifts my dh brought me back from his business trip to Mexico. It’s made of wood.