What’s New in Purple This Year!

What’s New in Purple This Year!

The mailing list newsletter is doing well and this year we will be expanding the Grape News and the Grape News Network videos from Grape Stuff, our parent site.  There will be more DIY videos, more Purple Product Reviews, and more just plain purple fun videos.  While most all of the grape stuff is for our subscribers, a few select things will be put on the Facebook fan pages.

We created a Purple Trivia video for Trivia Day last month and it has been added to both the For the Love of Purple and the Grape Stuff fan pages. Make sure you like us there for purple fun and grape puns as well as the occasional purple video here and there.

We have set a goal for sourcing new purple products for the Grape Stuff site and so going forward we plan to introduce at least one new product per week.  We will have a section called What’s New that will feature these in 2019.

Finally, we have had a few new purple memes over on the For the Love of Purple fan page. If Facebook didn’t see fit to show them to you, I’ve chosen a few of the best ones to share here:

Just a few of the purple memes posted in January and there’s more where that came from so stay tuned!