Dr. Seuss’ Birthday

Today is Dr. Seuss’ birthday and that got me thinking.  I read Dr. Seuss’ books when I was a wee tot, all those many years ago!  I read them to my dd who will be 21 in a few days and I read them to my son who is 11.  In all that time, nearly half a century of Seuss reading and I just now discovered something shocking!

There is no purple Dr. Seuss book.  What’s more, I can’t think of one purple Dr. Seuss character.  Can you?

I “googled” for purple Dr. Seuss books and characters and came up empty.  Can anyone out there redeem Seuss?  Is there one character that has even a little bit of purple on him?  Just one?

I love Dr. Seuss and I know you all do too. So come on purple people.  Does anyone know of even one place in one Dr. Seuss book where it talks about purple?  Lavender?  Grapes?  Violets?  Anything purple?

The above picture of Oh the Thinks You Can Think was the only book I remembered that had purple on it.  What about you?

HELP!  I’m having a Purple Cat in the Hat Conniption! Won’t you help me?  Us?  So we can…