Keeper of the Purple Twilight

Hey, purple lovers, did you know that there was an Outer Limits by that name?  Keeper of the Purple Twilight was an episode of the original Outer Limits during the second season of the show that aired December 5, 1964 (when I was two).

I’ve viewed the show and it was pretty good for 1964, but I just couldn’t find any reference to the title in the show.  What does the Keeper of the Purple Twilight have to do with the story?  Anyone know?  Here is the link to the show on Hulu.  It’s in black and white, of course, so there is no way to tell if the Keeper wears something purple or if the night sky is purple.

Just thought I’d ask all my purple readers.  In case there is a purple lover older than I who may know the answer to this offhand…chime in please!

Have a GRAPE Day!