How many people like purple?

I found a survey with results for people’s favorite color.  It’s broken down by country.  So I thought I’d see what percentage of people in the world claim purple as their favorite color.  The results were quite interesting. Take a look:

United States:

44% of people reported blue as their favorite color (No! Majority doesn’t rule around HERE! lol)

12% said green (My daughter is a green person.)

11% said red

(SIDE NOTE: If you put the blue and red people together, they become purple and that gives us 55% more of the population! You like my logic?)

Tied for 4th place: Black and Purple lovers each with 4%

Other Nations:

A full 10% of Kenyans prefer purple!! (Whoohoo!)

6% of those polled in China claimed purple as their favorite color

4% of those in Iceland like purple most of all

3% of those in the Ukraine prefer purple (My grandfather was born near Kiev which is now the Ukraine)

Only 2% of Germans, Italians and those from Holland, Finland and Turkey claimed purple as their favorite color

1% of the French like mauve best

NOBODY in Portugal or Russia claimed purple as their favorite (Boo!)

So we are small, but we are mighty…the Mighty Purple People!

Have a GRAPE Day!