Purple Pocahontas Button tShirt

I was getting a bit discouraged.  I made a pledge to do one purple craft a week from my birthday in September of 2009 til my birthday in 2010.  It’s been rather difficult to come up with new ideas each week especially when a few of them went awry.   But I could hardly wait to show THIS one to you!  After a few disappointing Purple Projects, I am ecstatic to report another rousing success!  Please leave your comments on this one; I need a little encouragement after the last few weeks!

I decided to try a completely new approach in order to do something with the excessive amount of white tShirts I have.  I had an idea which my daughter says makes me look like Pocahontas.  I started with another white (actually it was downright yellowing) tshirt:

I dyed it purple and left it in for quite a long time in order to get it a deep purple color.  Then I used fabric glue to add on some purple buttons.  I used two different kinds of buttons in a random pattern.  Then I put silver glitter puff paints on top of the buttons with ridges.

Next, I decided to take in the waist to make it a bit more form fitting. I gathered a pleat on each side and sewed a purple button on each side of the pleat.  I filled in the insides of the buttons with silver puff paint in order to match the rest of those purple buttons and to hide the thread.  Here it is:

I love it!  What do you think? Please leave your comments!  And have a GRAPE Day!