How Purple Are You?

PURPLE Question of the Week: On any given day, how many purple things are you wearing or carrying?

I’m usually wearing a purple shirt, purple eye shadow and purple earrings, purple purse with several purple things inside: wallet, mirror, cell phone, glasses case, hand sanitizer holder, notepad, pen, camera, 2 hair thingies, lip balm, and a purple retractable measuring tape.  In the summer, since this is ARIDzona (and practically the surface of the SUN), I usually carry my purple water bottle with me everywhere I go as well so I don’t turn purple and keel over.  What’s that?  About 18 purple things?  And that’s just my regular purple attire.

What about you? How purple are you?  Then you can rate yourself on…

The Scale of Purple-ness:

Lovely Lavender: 1-5 regular purple items.

Perfectly PLUMbody: 6-10 regular purple items.

Gorgeously Grape: 11-15 regular purple items.

Positively PLUMbelievable: 16+ regular purple items!

Wherever you fall on the scale of purple-ness, you are PLUMbody special.  Have a GRAPE Day!