Little Purple Riding Hood

This week’s Purple Project is a story that took me several weeks to write and illustrate.  I hope you enjoy the story of:  Little Purple Riding Hood!

Once upon a time there was a sweet little girl whom everyone called Little Purple Riding Hood because she always wore a purple cape with a hood.   One day, Little Purple Riding Hood was walking through the woods with a basket of grapes and plums to give to her grandmother who was feeling poorly.  She had Graype’s Disease.

She spotted a patch of violets and decided to pick them to bring to her grandmother.  Carefully, she plucked them and put them into her lavender basket.  All at once, the big, bad, purple finch came swooping down and frightened poor Little Purple Riding Hood.

“Where are you going, little purple girl?” the purple finch asked her with an evil grin.

“To my grandmother’s house to take her some grapes, plums and these pretty violets.” Little Purple Riding Hood replied.

“How far away does she live?” the purple finch asked.

“Just over that purple mountain’s majesty in the second house with the eggplant colored trim.” Little Purple Riding Hood told him.

“Have a grape day!” the purple finch screeched as he flew off.

Later on, Little Purple Riding Hood arrived at her grandmother’s house and went in to the bedroom to share her grapes and plums. Little did she know, but the purple finch had found Grandmother’s house empty and decided to play a trick on Little Purple Riding Hood.  He got dressed in Grandmother’s bed clothes and got into her grape big bed.

“Why Grandmother!  What big purple eyes you have!” Little Purple Riding Hood exclaimed.

“The better to see you with, my dear!” said the purple finch.

“Why Grandmother!  What big purple ears you have!” Little Purple Riding Hood yelled.

“The better to hear you with, my dear!” said the purple finch.

“Why Grandmother!  What a big purple beak you have!” Little Purple Riding Hood said with a sly smile.

“The better to eat you with, my dear!” said the purple finch as he got up from the grape big bed.

But no sooner had the purple finch done so, than Grandmother walked in with the woodcutter from down the street.  He was carrying a lilac wooden bird cage with the little door open.  The purple finch didn’t see where he was flying and he flew right on into the lilac cage.

Everyone at Grandmother’s cozy little cottage cheered…except the purple finch.  Grandmother thanked the woodcutter for saving Little Purple Riding Hood and her money.  You see, that purple finch had been such a nuisance.  He regularly flew into Grandmother’s house when Grandmother wasn’t at home and ran up her Fox Cable bill watching Pay Per Flew!  Grandmother was so grapeful that she asked the woodcutter to stay for dinner and help her eat the grapes and plums Little Purple Riding Hood had brought her through the woods.

And they all lived purpley ever after!