Purple Product Review: SWM Debating the Issues

As most of you know, I am an author and speaker on the subject of communication skills.  This week I was frantically working to finish up writing one of my newest communication eBooks for Art of Eloquence.  I’ve actually had a few new eBooks I’ve been working on the past few months.  I still have a few projects to complete and one more eBook I need to finish writing by the end of December so I didn’t have time to obtain and write up a Purple Product Review.

I was all set to post a big apology when I realized that “I” have a new purple product I could share with you!  lol  It never occurred to me to review my own product, but I’m actually very proud of it so here goes…

Say What You Mean: Debating the Issues helps you understand the most important political issues of our day.  It is a comprehensive study and includes an incredible amount of embedded resource links for further information on each topic.

What it also does is something no other study has done.  It also teaches you tips and techniques for presenting your Christian, conservative viewpoints in a way that will be a much more effective and friendly discussion.

Each topic includes:

* Background on the issue.
* General tips for discussing each issue.
* An At a Glance Chart with the major viewpoints on both sides of each issue.
* How to discuss each topic if you only have a few minutes.
* How to discuss each topic if you have more time.
* Embedded resource links where you can learn even more information on each topic.
* Practical advice to help you practice.

Topics Include: ObamaCare, Abortion, Gun Control, Fairness Doctrine, Immigration, Global Warming, Cap and Trade and much more!

To read more about it and see the table of contents, click here!

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I know you’ll enjoy your visit over at Art of Eloquence because just about everything is purple!  Have a GRAPE Day!