Purple Quiz

On Monday I asked how far your purple addiction has spread.  Today I want to see how much you know about purple.  Take this purple quiz and see how Purple Knowledgeable you are!

1. Which two colors combined make purple?

2. What is different about purple and violet?

3. Name something that purple symbolizes?

4. Is purple represented on Newton’s color wheel?

5. Name a basketball team that has purple in its logo.

6. Who is a character in children’s television shows that is purple?

7. What NFL team has purple in its logo?

8. What college team has purple uniforms?

9. Is “imperial dye” purple?

10. What military award is purple?

How’d you do?  I’ll post the answers here as a comment tomorrow so check back to see if you are well versed in purple trivia!  And have a GRAPE day!