What purple thing are you looking for this year?

It’s a new year!  It’s a new opportunity to replace your old, sad, UNpurple things with bright, new, shiny (well, if you want them shiny) PURPLE things!

What are you looking to get your purple hands on this year?  Maybe we can help each other find it…and for a reasonable price!  Maybe we can make it ourselves?

I’m probably going to be looking for a new cell phone this year.  Mine is on it’s last battery cell.  I just can’t find a phone I like that isn’t one of those smart phones.  That’s my phone to the left there.

Smart phones like the iPhone I shared about earlier this week are too big for my little hand to hold, too heavy and they have all that techie stuff on it I can never figure out. PLUS, Verizon would charge me for the data package I don’t want and won’t use!  Any ideas for me?

So post your comments and let’s help each other make 2013 The purplest year ever!

Have a GRAPE Day!