The older I get, the purpler I get.

Tomorrow is my 49th birthday.

My 49th PURPLE birthday.

I say this because the older I get, the purpler I get.  Here is a picture of me just a few years ago.  Okay, this was a little bit more than just a few years ago.  You’ll notice I was not wearing any purple then.

Years later when I was a young mom, I began to find a bit of purple here and there and I began to replace my wardrobe with grape things!

As the years went by, I noticed that I had successfully replaced many of my clothes, purses, wallets, jewelry and other things with purple-icious alternatives.

Soon after I started this blog, I found that pretty much everything I owned was just grape with me!

Now, on the eve of my 49th birthday, I find that I might have gone even a bit overboard.  I’m almost feeling like that bird lady in the Home Alone movie.  The one who loves birds so much she’s almost become one.  The one who lives with them, eats with them and almost wears them all over her.

I must admit that today, I’m sporting purple clothes, a purple purse, purple earrings and other jewelry, purple pens, pencils…my websites and blogs are purple, my books are purple, my nails are purple and my eye shadow is purple.

I might feel a bit like that bird lady, but let me just say this…

I LOVE IT!  Have a GRAPE Day!