The Purple Project: Orange to Purple!

PinkPurple Sweatshirt spots 004Now this was a bit scary!  I had this orange-ish jacket/sweater thing that someone gave me. The material is more like a long john.  I never wore it because of the color but I had long resisted the urge to dye it because it was a pretty dark orange to begin with.  Dying a white tShirt is one thing, but dying a darker colored shirt is dangerous ‘cuz you NEVER KNOW what color that thing will turn out! LOL  I had visions of poopy brown if I dyed it purple, but what color could you dye a darkish orange-ish thing-ish??

So I got up my nerve and dumped in in a small vat of purple Rit dye for about an hour.  Soaked the begeebers outta it!

purple purse, hair thing, smores, shirt 005

I was pretty sure I’d have to throw it away, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it a very unusual and

LOVELY shade of purple!!  Take a look:

Now I have to tell you that I did use a larger amount of Rit Dye than I usually do in order to attain this hue, but it was well worth it!

Tune in next week for another Purple Project and see if I can keep up The Purple Project each week until my 48th birthday in September of 2010!  It’s getting difficult to think up new ideas but I promise to be creative and resourceful in fulfilling my challenge to myself.

I’d love to hear if you all are trying these at home and what your results were.  Post a link to pictures of your creations here!  And …Have a GRAPE Day!