We need a nickname for the site

Okay folks. It’s been over a year now and referring to For the Love of Purple.com as For the Love of Purple.com is getting cumbersome.  I’ve been calling it my “Purple Site” but that isn’t helping to get the name out there.  If you type in “Purple Site,” oddly enough, you will not see For the Love of Purple.com.

I thought about shortening the name to the most important letters, but calling it FLP doesn’t seem right.  Looks like FLIP and flipping has nothing to do with purple.

I thought about FTLOP, but that looks like FLOP and I don’t want the site to flop!

What about FTLOPurple or FLPurple?  Hmm…

Has anyone got any ideas or should I continue to type in For the Love of Purple.com each time I talk about For the Love of Purple.com?

Perhaps we shouldn’t get a nickname for the site?  Or would that be considered FLiP FLOPing?

Please post a comment with your thoughts on the matter and have a GRAPE day!