What purple item are you looking for?

Is there something you can’t find in purple? Something you would like to buy in purple, but it’s not in the budget right now?  What is it?  Share your purple wishes with us and maybe we can find it for you.

I’d love a purple Swiffer Wet Jet and/or a purple vacuum cleaner.  My mop is green and it’s the kind that just moves the dirt around on the floor.  My vacuum cleaner has “Selective Pick-up.”  It will pick up the crumb, but not the string.  So, now when I vacuum (if I’m lucky), I’ll move the stray hairs around enough that they will tangle up and form a visible clump I can pick up by hand!  We have purchased so many vacuum cleaners in our 23 years of marriage and none of them last long.  OR they are so incredibly expensive.  Anyone have an idea for me that is, preferably, PURPLE?

By the way, do you believe I actually found a purple vacuum cleaner graphic?  I didn’t even have to change the color!  It MUST be out there!

What’s your purple need?  Maybe we can help YOU find it.  Have a GRAPE Day!